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Your mattress requires more regular cleaning and not just during a spill or an accident. You should regularly clean your mattress after a certain period. The truth is that you spend very personal time on your mattress and many hours. For that reason that should be one of the safest and cleanest environments in your home.

Efficient Mattress Cleaning Professionals

As mattress cleaning professionals we believe that your bedroom environment should be clean and breathable and a clean mattress is a key contributor to this. We go to great lengths to ensure your mattress is clean and healthy for you. This is not only beneficial to your health but it will also prolong the life of your mattress, saving you from frequent replacements.

With our years of professional service to homeowners and commercial businesses like hotels, we know what it takes to deep clean a mattress. We arm our professional staff with the right equipment and the right cleaning solutions for a proper mattress treatment. We have served Oxon Hill-Glassmanor for over twenty five years. We can successfully give your mattress the fresh clean it deserves and no stain is a challenge for us. Blood stains, pet stains, and bad odor are our specialty when it comes to removal. We pride ourselves on having satisfied customers which is why we have been in business all these years.

We take our time and inspect your mattress before we commence cleaning. We love approaching any mattress cleaning method the right way. We understand that delicate fabric used on mattresses is not always designed to be dirt or stain-resistant. This is why we are careful when cleaning to avoid further damage. The main reason we clean mattresses is to extract any dirt and contaminants and disinfect the material. Most high-quality mattresses with warranty often require professional mattress cleaning. In this case we come in handy and offer affordable rates. Still, even when your mattress does not have a warranty to consider, we can still clean it for you at a favorable rate.

Mattress Treatment: what steps does it include?

Mattress treatment is a process that we take very seriously. We are professionals after all. Here is how we go about the whole process.

Schedule A Cleaning Appointment

You schedule an appointment to determine when we will come for mattress treatment in your premises. We will give you an estimate of the cost depending on the information you give us. The cost is determined by the number of mattresses you have.

Damage Assessment

Before we begin the cleaning process, we first check out the stains present and assess how dirty the mattress is. We will prepare for the different routines we are going to use during the treatment process. We use different techniques when it comes to stain removal and actual cleaning. We closely note any discoloration, smells, distinct stains and any other indications of the need for extra attention.

The Gathering Of Supplies

When it comes to our cleaning products, we are very keen and always avoid using harsh chemicals that could cause damage to the mattress fabric. We choose cleaning products with a mild scent to avoid strong reactions especially with allergic people. Mild scents keep the mattress fresh smelling and comfortable to sleep in once the cleaning is done.

We also use the right equipment for cleaning and stain removal. We have invested in effective vacuums and other equipment to ensure that the job is done perfectly and leaves all our customers satisfied.

Thorough Steaming, Vacuuming And Spot-cleaning

We do thorough vacuuming and steam cleaning over the surface of the mattress and the sides. We then spot clean the problem areas that have stubborn stains, and go over everything again with our hot water extraction equipment. Different stains respond to different cleaning solutions. We have remedies for stains such as blood, sweat, urine and most of the biological stains. In some instances we find that we need multiple solutions to get the job done.

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How Often Should I Clean My Mattress?

As you can see cleaning your sleeping place is very important. When you spill anything on your mattress cleaning it immediately before the stain sets in is advisable. However, if it is kids and you didn't notice the stain until later, call professionals to get the job done effectively. Consider using a quality mattress protector in order to avoid having to clean frequently. Still, regular cleaning will contribute to a longer lifespan for your mattress. This will save you from having to buy a mattress frequently, something that is welcome during these hard economic times.

Why You Shouldn't Clean Your Mattress Yourself

Cleaning your mattress yourself is strongly discouraged because you might not use the right cleaning solutions and equipment. You might either damage the fabric or create an unhealthy sleeping environment thanks to toxic fumes from the wrong cleaning solutions, or mold growth afterwards if the mattress is left too wet.

Our rates are affordable which is enough reason to make you not to clean the mattress yourself. You can call Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Oxon Hill at 301-579-4413 and get an estimate or schedule an appointment. We work fast and efficiently, leaving your bedrooms smelling fresh and clean. Call us today.

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