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If you're a homeowner, you may wonder why you need mold testing.

At the microscopic level, it is hard to spot mold. While you can remove visible mold following the industry guidelines, it is not possible with microscopic mold. In fact, this is why mold presence has become one of the modern problems for many homeowners. There are instances when people are still suspicious about mold without any visual confirmation.

There are different techniques for mold testing. Non-intrusive visual inspection and collecting testing samples are common mold testing procedures you can opt for. Non-intrusive visual inspection may include air probe testing, tapes, and swabs.

Finding a difference between mold inspection and mold testing is another aspect that you shouldn't overlook as a homeowner. Inspection involves a visual check, as well as using sophisticated technology to find likely areas for mold growth in your home. Mold testing involves taking samples and measuring the quantity of mold in the air, which can point to the severity of the mold growth problem.

Mold inspection services help spot signs of mold growth in your home. Whether you need mold testing or mold inspection, Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Oxon Hill has you covered.

If where to find "mold testing near me" is a question that bugs you often, get in touch with our mold damage specialists.

We are the best mold inspection service in town. Our specialists look for mold lurking inside walls and within building areas where its growth is unexpected and undesirable. Remember that leaving mold to grow unheeded can cause several structural issues to your home.

Why Choose Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Oxon Hill

We aim to make your home a healthy, clean, and mold-free space. At Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Oxon Hill, we work with a team of professional mold testing experts to provide exceptional quality indoor/outdoor mold testing. It is customer satisfaction that matters the most for us. We will be more than happy to help you get rid of the mold.

We perform a thorough inspection of your properties to spot hidden mold in walls and other unexpected areas. We excel at air surface testing for mold remediation in a professional way.

At Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Oxon Hill, we have experienced technicians and professionals who have received training in mold testing and inspection. Our technicians provide expert mold inspection services to help you eliminate mold using advanced professional equipment.


Our Service includes

Mold Testing

Mold testing with us can help you identify the mold (specific type) occupying your dwelling. Our mold specialists screen the settled dust on narrow spaces and can spot airborne spores. Regardless of the mold type in your home, you need a remedy to the problem.

Every house or building has mold spores that travel through ducts, open windows and doors, and on your clothes or your pet's fur. They can become a problem if they attach to moist surfaces and start growing.

Don't let mold grow in your home - call us to perform professional mold testing.

Mold Inspection

We are mold professionals and work with some fantastic neat gadgets to spot or test mold. At Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Oxon Hill, we have true building experts who know professional methods to perform a thorough inspection of buildings. They understand how huge buildings work, how their systems are, and where they may have leaks.

This understanding and knowledge play a significant role in finding hidden mold issues and specifying the mold removal work needed.

We offer mold inspection expertise based on building investigations, air quality concerns, and allergens. Our mold damage specialists perform a thorough building examination for possible areas of mold growth.

We understand the building structures and know where the problems and risks may lie. That is why we examine the entire building structures, along with its mechanical system for our customers.

Don't fall into the trap of services that offer partial remediation and partial inspections. It might double the mold inspection process's cost if it doesn't spot the mold growth in the first place.


Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Oxon Hill

Mold in the house can severely damage your building and health. If you notice the signs in your home mentioned above but are unsure about mold presence, we can help you with professional mold testing and inspection services right away. We have years of experience and the right set of skills to help you eliminate the problem.

Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Oxon Hill offers affordable, safe, effective, and fast mold testing and inspection services. Call us now at 301-579-4413 to explore more about our expert Mold Testing and Inspection Services.

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Warning Signs of Mold in Your Home

Mold in your home can cause several health issues. You must know some key signs that tell you that mold is growing in your home.

  • Mold Odor

    Not all mold types have a smell, but most of them do. If some areas of your home produce a musty odor, it can be a sign of mold.

  • Visible Mold Growth

    Mold may appear in many forms. It can be in a white, thread-like structure or may occur in small clusters of black spots. It may be of different colors like gray-green, black or gray-brown. This type of mold is visible and grows behind wallpaper and vinyl.

  • Water Damage Signs

    Note that long-term moisture often leads to increased mold growth. If you notice signs like discoloration on the ceiling, water stains on floors and walls, or there is peeling paint, cracking, and bubbling, your home is likely dealing with the mold production.

  • Water Leaks

    Remember that mold growth caused by water leaks is not always noticeable. If leaks are in the hidden space or behind the walls, it is hard to spot them. Condensation areas such as metal pipes and windows are the perfect breeding ground for mold.

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